The post that started it all

The why and what of this blog

Posted by Jessica Wilson on 2015-06-28

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post!

The why:

I've decided to start writing this blog so that anyone interested can follow along on my adventures. I also want to keep up a website so I can start understanding what makes a website tick and see how I can use that to further my studies. Another reason is I want an easy way for people to get to know me after some kind of networking event.

The what:

So now the question becomes: what kind of posts can you expect?

My goal is to write blogs either based on an event I just attended, or to write about a new project I've started. I hope to share my experiences throughout the different phases of each. If you have any specific topics, you can feel free to email me and I will try to explore that topic to the best of my knowledge.