GRR: Managing Users

Add, update and delete users

Posted by Jessica Wilson on 2016-06-06

Managing users in GRR is critical to limit access. Below are a few key ways to manage users.

Add users

  • Run grr_config_updater add_user <username>
  • Enter the user's password when prompted.

Change a user's password

  • Run grr_config_updater update_user <username> --password
  • Enter the new password when prompted

Changing labels to user

  • Adding labels: grr_config_updater update_user <username> --add_labels <labels,comma,separated>
  • Deleting labels: grr_config_updater update_user <username> --delete_ labels <labels,comma,separated>

Listing users

  • Run grr_config_updater show_user <_optional_ username>
  • Note - If a user name is supplied, it will show only that user. If no username is supplied, it shows all users.

Deleting users

  • Run grr_config_updater delete_user <username>