My very first conference!

My first glance into what it's like being a woman in this field

Posted by Jessica Wilson on 2015-06-28

My adventure:

In the information security field, or any information technology, computer science, information systems field, women are the minority. A study
from 2013 by, shows that currently only 26% of the workforce is made up of women. We as women need to stand together to increase this number. In efforts towards that, MTAM held its first Women in Mobile Technology conference that I was lucky enough to attend.

It was absolutely an amazing experience. They had a panel of speakers that consists of CISPO's, directors, and business owners, all of which had years and years of experience being a woman in this field. They shared some of their struggles, and some of their successes. They gave us ladies in the audience someone to emulate, and a goal to aspire to. Every woman on that panel showed us that our gender is not the deciding factor on what we can do. To say it was moving would be a great understatement.

MTAM also organized quite a bit of time for networking before the panel started speaking. It was such an experience to be able to speak with so many like-minded women who have similar goals to myself. I was able to meet a recent graduate from another college whose passion for mobile technology was so apparent. Her path was never an easy one, but she kept persevering. I met recruiters who were anxious to help bring more women in the field. I met lawyers and game designers, and teachers, all with the same goal: Inspire the current women in the field, and make sure our children know this is an opportunity they have as well.

While this may have been my first conference, it certainly will not be my last. To me there is never a better feeling than knowing you are not the only one struggling in a field dominated by men, and knowing you can thrive in it regardless of the adversity. I thank every person who stopped and made me feel welcome.