My week in short

IASA Planning, Duo's Tech Talk, Code and Coffee, and more

Posted by Jessica Wilson on 2015-07-11

This week I've kept myself quite busy. My plans this week included planning for the upcoming academic year's events for EMU's Information Assurance Student Association (IASA), creating a ground plan for working with a graduate student on their independent study, attending Duo's Tech Talk on TLS, and attending Girl Develop It's Code and Coffee. All the while working on this site, updating a few things here and there, and starting to plan for the back end programming.

IASA Club Planning!

One of my most exciting extracurricular activities is helping run the IASA. In case you are unaware, the IASA is a student organization at Eastern Michigan run by the students for the students. I joined in Fall 2014, and have loved working in it ever since.

Early this week I met up with our faculty advisor to start deciding what the major goals and events are for this year. As always, we set aside dedicated time to practice for the competitions we compete in every year, the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition and the Information Security Talent Search. We also set some time aside for what I am most excited for, the IASA Science Fair! With this, we allow students to showcase the projects they have been working on, and share their experiences. By far this is the best event we host all year. It really allows the students to show what they have learned in school and how they applied it to their at home studies.

RF Hacking project

Another project I will be working on this summer is helping one of the graduate students in the Information Assurance program. She has decided to do an independent study on stealing keys through radio frequencies using a paper by the Tel Aviv University. Once I heard there was an opportunity to work on this with her, I jumped at it. While I do not know much about this medium, I am eager to learn. Next week I plan on working hard to learn more about SDR to startlaying the groundwork to help on this.

Duo Security's Tech Talk: Were It So Easy: TLS in the Real World

Thursday I was fortunate enough to attend Duo Security's Tech Talk for this month. University of Michigan's Computer Science and Electrical Engineering graduate program was kind enough to do a presentation on TLS and their Zmap project. To start this presentation, David Adrian explained some basic concepts of TLS, then proceeded to show the data they had gathered through Zmap. He also taught us more about Heartbleed and Logjam.

I feel quite lucky to have attended this. It was a great event where I was able to meet new people, as well as connect with fellow students from school while we are all away for the summer. I look forward to attending many more. This event shows how great the Information Security community truly is. It makes me so proud to be apart of it. If you are interested, they have uploaded a youtube video where you can listen to the entire talk. Also look out for my brief question at 49:00!

Girl Develop It: Code and Coffee

Today I was able to also attend Girl Develop It Coffee and Code. This is a fantastic meetup group that give women in the IT field meet together in an open and completely friendly environment. It gives us a great opportunity to network with other like minded who go through the same struggles and challenges. It is also inspiring to see so many women in the field doing so well.


I may overschedule myself, expect amazing things from IASA, go to fun community events too.