Vegas Baby! Part 1

Black Hat's Keynote Address

Posted by Jessica Wilson on 2015-08-12

This will be the first of many posts in regards to my trip to Vegas, starting with what I learned from Black Hat 2015, through to the end of Defcon 23. I was so fortunate to attend both events, it was definitely the highlight of my summer.

Keynote Address: Jennifer Granick's "Lifecycle of a Revolution"

The keynote was an amazing and inspiring talk about where our future will be if we don't step up and take it. Jennifer Granick was a great speaker who has worked in the infosec community as a lawyer representing influential people such as Michael Lynn and Aaron Swartz. She has seen our community through a different perspective and for hacker's rights with a tenacity that is amazing to behold.

One of her main concerns was how security is starting to take a back seat and we are moving toward a culture of have's and have not's. The rick and powerful will begin to dictate who gets what form of security, creating even bigger class disparities than we already have.

The Dream of Internet Freedom is dying before our eyes and we are speeding it along with our tacit complacency. We allow Congress to continue to pass laws that restrict our abiolity to tinker with the world around us. In this black box society we are moving towards, innovation dies.

A prosperous tomorrow?

As a community, we need to stand up and force a change in policy. We should never be cowed into submission by those who wish to oppress us. By being able to listen to this enlightening talk, it made me truly reflect on what role I will play in this community's future. As I digest the information I've been given, I realize how many ways I can help. Without all of the community standing as one, we will fall.